Upcoming Events

RUCAA hosts events throughout the year and often co-hosts events with various campus departments. Examples of past events include: the River-line Cultural Tour, Alumni Night at the Opera, Game watch parties, and signature events such as Homecoming and Reunion. Additionally, RUCAA board meetings are held 4-5 times a year and offer another opportunity for alumni to socialize.

Next General Meeting:
February 10, 2016
Location: Ponzio's at 6:00pm

April 14, 2016
Location: TBA

Dear fellow alumni:

The Rutgers University Camden Alumni Association (RUCAA) was organized to bring Alumni together to celebrate the common bonds that make us Rutgers-Camden Alumni while providing support for the campus by participating in all areas of university life. Whether we are Golden Raptors, or graduated just a few months ago, we share the experience of attending a small urban campus that supported close relationships between us as students, with our faculty, campus leaders, and alumni. As Alumni, we continue to share a common experience – name recognition. Rutgers is recognized the world over, and that highly regarded reputation affords us opportunity and success in many aspects of life. We now have an opportunity to connect/re-connect with each other, encourage others to consider attending Rutgers-Camden, mentor current students, and have a lot of fun.

RUCAA has a proud tradition of providing a variety of fun and interesting activities where alumni can network, socialize, re-connect, and make new friends, all the while supporting and strengthening our Alma Mater. As a student in the Liberal Studies Graduate program, I worked full-time, and attended classes at night, as did many of my classmates. We didn’t have time to socialize and build strong bonds as students. Thanks to the networking and social opportunities provided by RUCAA, I found myself attending Homecoming, Reunion, Regattas, Nights at the Opera, and RUCAA meetings, and have made many friends along the way.

We hope all Rutgers-Camden Alumni will find an opportunity to connect with us and to remain engaged with Rutgers-Camden. Please check our upcoming events for opportunities that may interest you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Yours in Rutgers Spirit,


Tracie Burruel GSC ’06