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Our Alumni Association is proud of the diversity of opportunities available to Alumni such as: the Alumni Crew, the Honors College Alumni Association, the Alumni Business Counsel, the Golden Raptors, the Alumni Opera Outing, the River-line Cultural Tour, our signature Homecoming and Reunion events as well as our alumni meetings and forums.
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RUCAA Meeting - May13
Ponzio's Diner
Dear fellow alumni:

Rutgers University Camden Alumni Association (RUCAA) was organized to bring together our Camden Alumni to celebrate together the common bonds that make us Rutgers Camden Alumni. We know these as successes we have had following a Rutgers education, enduring friendships created during our years at Rutgers Camden, and common memories of our small urban Camden Campus that supported close relationships between us, students … and our leaders, our faculty

RUCAA has a proud tradition of providing effective programs designed to engage our alumni.

Our success as an Alumni Association will be only as successful as we are successful in recruiting your participation. If you have not attended RUCAA meetings, or if you have not participated in activities, we hope you will consider these opportunities to re-engage with Rutgers Camden and relive the many positive memories of your undergraduate and/or graduate school experience.

All is possible when Rutgers Camden Alumni stand united … we look forward to your participation!

Yours in Rutgers Spirit,

Charles Ivory

Charles Ivory, President